Calloused dragon heart

Ice impulse fire Can you feel any more? Is there bone for skin beneath the breath of this facade? Where is the purchase beyond mirror and smoke? Grace, soiled in fragmentation Sprout through this caked earth And blossom.

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Idol heart

Oh, God, how easily I forget… None of this. Nothing. Nothing. Is about me. It’s all. Every last thing. About You. May I diminish. So You may be More.

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I’m an idolator at the foot of the Altar to My Idealized Vision of Myself. I’m a Pharisee and this is my Law. Wrapped up in mostly-truths and mostly-pure motivations for sanctification. I surely know my identity, but I’ve confused that with knowing who the man I’m supposed to be is. But I don’t, and […]

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Just You and me

Well, God. Here we are. One of those times when I feel completely alone, so You’re all I have. Ironic of course because You’re ever all I have deep down beneath and through all else, but I’m easily distracted. Spiritual ADD, I guess. You know I love You. You know we have so much to […]

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Open letter to God

God, I never cease to dumbfound myself. So many people complain about You (guilty) being too mysterious, too paradoxical, too hard to understand. Well, I don’t have a clue how to understand myself, so I’m not sure why anyone would expect to comprehend You, but we do. I have a paradox for everyone: me. Come […]

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Wrestling with God in the dock

God, I admit I want to put You on trial. I want to hold You accountable for all evil, injustice, and pain. I guess it’s because I’ve bought into the lie that You aren’t actually Good, and if someone doesn’t hold You accountable – even some insignificant creature You made – then who will? I […]

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