Grey into black in the unseen horizon Reflections a mere echo through piercing, small rays. Dull roar hypnotizing a trancelike induction Words without meaning flow numbingly true. Lost in the specter of waking and sleeping My impotent heart finds no solace without but within is a tempest of sullen refraction Redemption a cry from parched […]

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Timelessness without commodity Seasons without change or night or day. Tears and breath pass intermittent Stillness, warm as a lover’s kiss. Who am I when you pass from memory When my days fade into mist? When I’m buried, long forgotten, Who will know I’ve gone away? Stone and etching rendered faceless And the stars no […]

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When work and sleep

Soundless rain now falling through Seattle, Mississippi blues Heart not calloused nor compliant Weary from reaching and compounding Intensities with melancholy Seeing frequencies of wilted wonder Reverb discordant melodies Wakeful slumber of remembering Who you were through senility While worshiping idol fantasies Thoughtless rituals routinely Burden habit I call living Love elusive and yet growing […]

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Stained mirrors

So hard to be. Not knowing who I am instead of what I feel. Reflections clouded in retrograde while I wax and wane. Why aren’t you enough? Why this tangible need within? I lust for your touch, to know Love beyond love, to be raptured by my Lover until self and Other become One. The […]

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Love is

Who am I when I close my eyes in silence And I feel you, see you, taste you While my chest is tight with a thousand dreams of redemption that will die without a sound? I am god beneath the cover of my self Seeking worship that no one could ever give. Our brokenness a […]

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Without answers

God, what is the point of trying? When everything about life breaks my heart And my soul feels empty and alone, Where are you? Why do I feel this way? What will it take to be at peace in the land of the living? Am I destined to wander in the wasteland, Of parched earth […]

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This is a humbling place to be Where I’m stripped of all pretensions Even the self-fabricated ones I use to placate myself Caught between confusion, chaos and nihilism Bitterness feels like it’s boring Numb beyond numb, but that’s only on the surface I have no hopes left but You, and by that I mean I’m […]

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