The past, memory, and who we really are

I realized I lost a lot of my personal pictures today. It struck me really hard as I come to grips with knowing a lot of the tangible reminders I have of a period of time in my daughter's life and a handful of wonderful trips I've taken may be gone for good. This comes … Continue reading The past, memory, and who we really are


Do not be afraid

If there's any single topic I am convinced I can speak with authority on, it's fear. I've battled fear for as long as I can remember.  It colors my childhood memories.  The struggle was given a name as a teenager when it became known as panic attacks. Much of my life has been spent trying … Continue reading Do not be afraid

Why in the world am I a Christian?

David S. Wisener


It’s weird that people choose to be Christian, isn’t it?

To follow the teachings of a guy who lived 2,000 years ago among a marginalized, minority cultural group. To associate with a religion that has several sects that are synonymous with modern-day American zealotry.

Why would anyone, myself included, drink that Kool Aid?

I was born into the Church, but I’ve chosen to continue being Christian as an adult, despite doubts, frustrations, and uncertainty. Why?

For one, I find it to be beautiful.

In itself that’s no justification, but just as it’s rare to come across an outspoken atheist who doesn’t want God to not exist, I have to admit that I want Christianity to be true.

Where Friedrich Nietzsche despised a religion that worships weakness and failure, I celebrate one that recognizes that love requires sacrifice; that teaches that in serving others and denying selfishness I paradoxically find life.

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Redeeming family: My journey home

How does your family affect who you are?  Can stories of the past still resonate in the present? Each of us is a unique genetic mixture of several ancestors in our mother and fathers' families, and we have long accepted that our human hardware - as it were - is a product of these thousands … Continue reading Redeeming family: My journey home

A word on Confederate monuments

There is an important difference between remembering and honoring. With great hesitation I am submitting my thoughts on the primary motivation for a recent gathering of white supremacists in Charlottesville: the removal of a  statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. My hesitation stems from a desire not to get caught up in any of … Continue reading A word on Confederate monuments

Jesus of Nazareth as a guy

I had a crisis of faith in my mid-20s. My background was Christian, and my trouble centered on whether there was any point in me continuing with the faith. I wanted a deeper connection to God than what is stereotypically understood to be on offer in most American churches. It seems to me Jesus is … Continue reading Jesus of Nazareth as a guy