Redeeming family: My journey home

How does your family affect who you are?  Can stories of the past still resonate in the present? Each of us is a unique genetic mixture of several ancestors in our mother and fathers' families, and we have long accepted that our human hardware - as it were - is a product of these thousands … Continue reading Redeeming family: My journey home


A word on Confederate monuments

There is an important difference between remembering and honoring. With great hesitation I am submitting my thoughts on the primary motivation for a recent gathering of white supremacists in Charlottesville: the removal of a  statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. My hesitation stems from a desire not to get caught up in any of … Continue reading A word on Confederate monuments

Jesus of Nazareth as a guy

I had a crisis of faith in my mid-20s. My background was Christian, and my trouble centered on whether there was any point in me continuing with the faith. I wanted a deeper connection to God than what is stereotypically understood to be on offer in most American churches. It seems to me Jesus is … Continue reading Jesus of Nazareth as a guy

What is a great America?

A great America isn't controlled by fear. It recognizes its strength does not reside with its military or its economy, but with its people. It knows its history, and it remembers that - no matter how divided it becomes internally - ultimately it unites in strength in the darkest hours. A great America isn't afraid … Continue reading What is a great America?

How to find peace

  Like any good sermon, this post is written more for myself than anyone else. I've been pretty miserable for a good portion of my life.  From panic attacks and depression as a young boy to inheriting the worldview of a family that doesn't necessarily always look on the bright side, my predisposition has been … Continue reading How to find peace

Where fear, panic and despair die

Each of us lives in two realities. One reality is the external world in which we interact with each other, where we work, we go to school, and where objective things happen to us: we get a new job, babies are born, loved ones die, and so on. The other reality is our internal thought … Continue reading Where fear, panic and despair die