Sex and what it means to be human

You don’t have to venture far to move from St. Augustine’s views on sex to his understanding of human nature. Both are tied into how he perceives the Fall, and there are problems in his thought that drastically impacted Christianity hundreds of years later. As helpful as Augustine’s questions and observations are regarding sex, they […]

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Sex, passion and lust

When it comes to sex, St. Augustine was one of the first feminists. No, really. There are various interpretations of Augustine’s writings, as one might expect from someone who was so prolific. There is also a bit of trouble translating his Latin. The following is a summary of what I consider to be an excellent […]

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Sexcapades with St. Augustine

Oh, baby. Awwwwww, yeaaaahhhhhh, you know that’s right. We’re talkin’ ’bout sex, ’cause you know that’s what you’re thinkin’ about. Let’s talk about sex, baby, let’s talk about you and…Augustine? Oh, yeah, Augustine, girl (or boy, as it were).  That sly dog.  The Church Father who puts the “hip” in Hippo. Because, seriously, Augustine loved […]

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My broken sex

I don’t think “obsessed” is a strong enough word to describe our cultural relationship with sex. We worship it. And I am as guilty as anyone (contributing to the struggle I’m having with my tone as I write this). We bow down at the feet of sex: to have mind-numbing, toe-curling sex however and as […]

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