Why in the world am I a Christian?

David S. Wisener


It’s weird that people choose to be Christian, isn’t it?

To follow the teachings of a guy who lived 2,000 years ago among a marginalized, minority cultural group. To associate with a religion that has several sects that are synonymous with modern-day American zealotry.

Why would anyone, myself included, drink that Kool Aid?

I was born into the Church, but I’ve chosen to continue being Christian as an adult, despite doubts, frustrations, and uncertainty. Why?

For one, I find it to be beautiful.

In itself that’s no justification, but just as it’s rare to come across an outspoken atheist who doesn’t want God to not exist, I have to admit that I want Christianity to be true.

Where Friedrich Nietzsche despised a religion that worships weakness and failure, I celebrate one that recognizes that love requires sacrifice; that teaches that in serving others and denying selfishness I paradoxically find life.

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