Status update on my book

A handful of my followers will know that I’ve been slowly putting a book together and likewise will be interested to know that I have finished my first draft and several rounds of complete edits. Some close friends will soon be taking a look at it to provide the perspective of some fresh eyes and, […]

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Thoughts on life

When I’m down in the dumps, my mind often gravitates to larger existential questions: What am I doing? What’s the point to my life? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Deep stuff. So I find myself lying in bed typing on my phone pontificating about my existence. Relationships with the opposite sex […]

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The story of who I am

My grandfathers As I’ve sought to understand myself and heal from the particular broken places within me, I’ve learned that the journey to knowing myself doesn’t stop with me. Family accounts for far more than our genetic mixture.  It also of course establishes the way we perceive ourselves and the world via the environment in […]

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