Abortion, calmly considered

Let’s be real. Calling people names like “murderer” or “religious nutbag” is not helpful when attempting to convince others of the legitimacy of your opinion. Let’s be clear. I am interested in discussing ethics and morality, not legislation. I am approaching this from my understanding of the Christian perspective, but I think there are important […]

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It’s personal

We will soon be addressing some emotionally-charged issues. I want to share what I hope is some wisdom about discussing such matters. I am a passionate guy. I have strong opinions and am no stranger to emotional arguments. I understand what it feels like to be discussing a topic that is personal with someone who […]

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The wrong side of history?

Why do we find society’s narrative of morality, meaning, and human identity compelling? I think there are two primary reasons. The first is that it encourages one of our basest temptations – selfishness, which speaks to us in a deep way. If you doubt this is the core of the narrative, think of what so […]

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