Competing Christian visions of America

I have been writing in this blog space for over seven years, and a very small number of people have faithfully and lovingly followed much of what I’ve said over that time.  I write for many reasons, but primarily it’s one of the few ways you can really get to know someone short of having […]

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Racism and Christianity

A Southern, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant male in his mid-thirties writes about racism – a lot could go wrong here. Racism was never a topic I was interested in while growing up.  I didn’t hate anyone, so – WASP that I am – why would it have been? But a funny thing happens when one is […]

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It’s personal

We will soon be addressing some emotionally-charged issues. I want to share what I hope is some wisdom about discussing such matters. I am a passionate guy. I have strong opinions and am no stranger to emotional arguments. I understand what it feels like to be discussing a topic that is personal with someone who […]

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Legislating morality?

Specific issues, here we come. As inadequate as it is, I think I’ve done the best I could to provide a preliminary foundation in order to optimally discuss several important current affairs. In a circuitous route we’ve discussed the culture that forms us; what it means to have knowledge or know something; how we are […]

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The wrong side of history?

Why do we find society’s narrative of morality, meaning, and human identity compelling? I think there are two primary reasons. The first is that it encourages one of our basest temptations – selfishness, which speaks to us in a deep way. If you doubt this is the core of the narrative, think of what so […]

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Forming our loves

This is obvious on one hand, but on the other we typically don’t appreciate its truth: we come to love the things we do through a process. I wasn’t born with an innate love of “Star Wars” – I came to love it for a variety of reasons unique to my story as a person. […]

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