Abortion has compromised Christians

“I’d consider voting for [insert political candidate], but, well, abortion…” “I never would’ve voted for [insert political candidate], but, there’s abortion…” If you’re a Christian, odds are really good that you’re familiar with statements similar to these, and it’s quite likely you’ve made them yourself.  I know I have. There is no single issue that […]

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Alone in church

I’ve felt mostly by myself in church during two periods of my life, neither of which have been the fault of the specific church I belonged to. The first time was in my mid-20s when I’d become burnt out through ministry and questioned the validity of the whole “church experience” as I knew it because […]

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Abortion, calmly considered

Let’s be real. Calling people names like “murderer” or “religious nutbag” is not helpful when attempting to convince others of the legitimacy of your opinion. Let’s be clear. I am interested in discussing ethics and morality, not legislation. I am approaching this from my understanding of the Christian perspective, but I think there are important […]

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