I love science. In middle school I became fascinated with time travel. I wrote a series of research papers each year from 6th through 9th grades that began with time travel as the premise but ended with my best efforts as a 14-year-old in analyzing the most recent quantum physics theories regarding the natures of […]

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It’s personal

We will soon be addressing some emotionally-charged issues. I want to share what I hope is some wisdom about discussing such matters. I am a passionate guy. I have strong opinions and am no stranger to emotional arguments. I understand what it feels like to be discussing a topic that is personal with someone who […]

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A word on discrimination

Discrimination is real. It goes beyond race, gender, sexuality, or any one particular thing. To discriminate means to recognize a distinction or difference. It is frequently evil when used to exclude or injure people based on their personal characteristics. It is often good when used to carefully choose which thoughts one wishes to verbally articulate. […]

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Death to the idea of “Christian America” – ending our civil religion, Part I

There is a thing in all cultures known as a civil religion, and this does not refer to Christianity or any particular “organized” religion. It is the collective beliefs that a particular culture disseminates, and it typically borrows heavily from organized religions. Defining what, exactly, the breadth of American civil religious belief covers is a […]

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Legislating morality?

Specific issues, here we come. As inadequate as it is, I think I’ve done the best I could to provide a preliminary foundation in order to optimally discuss several important current affairs. In a circuitous route we’ve discussed the culture that forms us; what it means to have knowledge or know something; how we are […]

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