Echoes of your own voice

I want to ask you to focus your powers of observation on yourself to the best of your abilities (it’d be a good idea to seek the input of trusted friends, too; they often see us for who we are better than we do). We’ve discussed anger and lust as two emotions which commonly cloud […]

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Angry people

Ahhhh….take a deep breath and inhale the aroma of our culture: “Don’t touch my rights!!!!! How DARE you… “…take away my guns!!!…” “…not let me marry who I want!!!…” “…take prayer out of schools!!!…” “…kill old ladies and the poor!!!…” “What do you think you’re DOING??? How could you… “…vote for that communist??!!…” “…vote for […]

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Angry Americans

It’s safe to say that dealing with anger – both acknowledged and repressed – is not something that’s unique to me. I think it’s a common underlying issue for many Americans. By no means is it something that only plagues Americans, but we seem to have a particular flavor that is interesting. Let’s take a broader view of American […]

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An adjustment of my own

Part of what we touched on in the last post was the observation that our personal damage – our own brokenness – skews our perceptions of reality in false directions. It would therefore be wise to seek healing in order to limit our biases. I’m going to be blunt – not long ago I thought […]

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What the heart desires…

Why am I the way I am? What makes you, well, you? Why do we believe the things we believe? The short answer is, “No one knows, exactly.” The longer answer suggests there are at least some parts we can know. Genetics plays a large and mysterious part: some of us tend towards depression more […]

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What is there to say?

When I was a younger and more zealous individual, I thought there was only one correct way of understanding the universe and life’s meaning (if there was one), and all anyone had to do was be honest with themselves, add “a + b” together and we’d all come up with “c” as the answer; anyone who […]

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