What is a great America?

A great America isn’t controlled by fear.

It recognizes its strength does not reside with its military or its economy, but with its people.

It knows its history, and it remembers that – no matter how divided it becomes internally – ultimately it unites in strength in the darkest hours.

A great America isn’t afraid of change.

It understands that people disagree on very important issues, and it accepts that this will always remain.

It doesn’t seek to coerce by legislation or physical force, but to win hearts through dialogue and love.

A great America is a refuge for the poor, the tired, the huddled masses.

It knows it has always been a melting pot of all races, all religions, all political beliefs, all creeds.

It remembers its strength has never been in building walls, but in tearing them down.

A great America takes care of its people against all oppression.

It has quickly stood against tyranny from other nations several times.

Though far more slowly, it has also eventually stood against tyranny imposed by itself.

A great America admits when it is wrong.

It apologizes to those it has ignored or harmed.

It accepts responsibility, seeks to rectify its mistakes, and it leads by example.

A great America is a family.

It loves all its members, even those it may not like

It leaves no one behind.

A great America doesn’t seek power and strength as its highest goal.

Instead, it empowers its people to be free.

And it isn’t controlled by fear.

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