What love means


Love means fighting the temptation to hate.

It means I pray for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

It means I lay down my perceived rights and privileges for the sake of others.

Love is understanding that other people are not my enemies – my fight is against unseen forces and powers.

It is observing that physical warfare has never resulted in the end of physical warfare, and it is asking whether even more will ultimately bring peace.

It asks if we fight the causes of others’ sufferings, then wouldn’t that be more effective in ending their hatred than invading their countries and bombing their cities and homes?

Love means I don’t have to agree with you or condone your decisions or your actions in order to care about you.

It means I see the beauty and worth of you for who you are, not what you’ve done or how you live or how you vote.

It means I refuse to categorize you other than as a fellow person.

Love remains in the end only with faith and hope.

And love is the greatest.

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