The past, memory, and who we really are

I realized I lost a lot of my personal pictures today. It struck me really hard as I come to grips with knowing a lot of the tangible reminders I have of a period of time in my daughter’s life and a handful of wonderful trips I’ve taken may be gone for good. This comes […]

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Timelessness without commodity Seasons without change or night or day. Tears and breath pass intermittent Stillness, warm as a lover’s kiss. Who am I when you pass from memory When my days fade into mist? When I’m buried, long forgotten, Who will know I’ve gone away? Stone and etching rendered faceless And the stars no […]

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Sex, happiness and meaning

If you can’t sleep, might as well write about sex, right? As a single guy in his early 30s, I do my fair amount of thinking about sex. Two or three months ago I wrote a mini-series on this blog about sex. And yet there’s more to say, if only because I am continually struck […]

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How to make sense of God

I have a lot of experience being angry with God. It often feels like He has frustrated me to no end. The relationship I’ve had with Him has left a lot to be desired. Where to begin? Assuming you even buy standard Christian theology, you start from the premise that “I’m not God,” which means much of […]

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