Competing Christian visions of America

I have been writing in this blog space for over seven years, and a very small number of people have faithfully and lovingly followed much of what I’ve said over that time.  I write for many reasons, but primarily it’s one of the few ways you can really get to know someone short of having […]

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Jesus of Nazareth as a guy

I had a crisis of faith in my mid-20s. My background was Christian, and my trouble centered on whether there was any point in me continuing with the faith. I wanted a deeper connection to God than what is stereotypically understood to be on offer in most American churches. It seems to me Jesus is […]

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Stained mirrors

So hard to be. Not knowing who I am instead of what I feel. Reflections clouded in retrograde while I wax and wane. Why aren’t you enough? Why this tangible need within? I lust for your touch, to know Love beyond love, to be raptured by my Lover until self and Other become One. The […]

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Couples counseling with God

In a cozy doctor’s office with plush couches and rich mahogany bookshelves Holy Spirit:    Thank you for taking the time to meet with us, David. Me:    Sure, I guess. This is weird. Holy Spirit:    What do you mean? Me:    This. I’m in a session with you as counselor – clever, by the way – and […]

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How do you love?

Love is not permissiveness: love is commitment and sacrifice.  But how do you go about doing love? I’m asking this in a corporate sense, not a one-on-one relationship sense.  How do you love your neighbor in your interactions with society as a whole? I don’t really know.  Love may not be permissive, but it also […]

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