There is no “us vs. them”

What if we had no enemies? What if that’s exactly what Christianity teaches but few of us accept? I’ve been holed up at my home for the last two days recovering from being sick, and in between fitful bouts of sleeping and waking my heart and head have been struck by two teachings of Jesus […]

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Suffering, reconsidered

Two posts ago we discussed evil, pain and suffering. I suggested that evil may be most properly understood not as a “thing” in itself but as the absence of good; the absence of God. As such God would not have technically created evil, as it is a thing that exists as a consequence of His […]

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Evil and pain

I’ve shared how I’ve been wrestling with God for a while, because I’ve realized that deep within me (below my conscious self) I have blamed Him for all that is wrong in the world and specifically all that is wrong with me. Of course that’s so common as to be laughable: swing a stick in […]

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How do you know? Part III

For those of you who don’t have a love of “Star Wars,” I appreciate your patience and beg your forgiveness. We know and come to believe many things about life and others out of a core of love: what you love; what you want; what you seek; what you envision the “good life” being – […]

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