The weight of guilt and shame

Living life with feelings of guilt or shame stinks. If you’ve lived any significant number of years, chances are you have some regrets.  You’ve probably made some choices and done some things you wish you could take back. I know I certainly have.  And it’s been really tough for me to make peace with myself.  […]

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Struggling with Easter

Recently, Easter has become a difficult time for me. Identifying God’s love through the events of Holy Week and Easter is a challenge for me. Finding God’s love and receiving it are things I’m not all that gifted at in general, though I have had small numbers of breakthroughs over the past several years. A […]

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When Easter feels joyless

The celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday is the high point of the year for Christians. It is the single historical event on which the entirety of Christian hope rests – it gives meaning to the crucifixion that would otherwise be simply a tragic martyrdom, and it demonstrates to the Christian that God has […]

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