When Christmas isn’t very merry

Emotions are strange. We all experience them at different levels of intensity.  I’m sure that in a way our experience of each is slightly unique from one another, too. Sometimes we have a decent degree of control over how we feel while at other times we’re seemingly helpless. As is the case with many holidays, […]

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The humbling and the emptying

Communication stinks, doesn’t it? How many problems are simply caused by either the inability of one person to accurately explain something to another or the other person’s inability to fully understand what the first person was trying to say?  Or both? One of the frustrating things about words is that they are limited.  We only […]

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For you, when you have no hope

No empty platitudes.  I’m sick of them. Some cliched affirmations, because they sometimes help. I don’t know what it’s like to be you. I don’t know.  What it’s like.  To be you. I do know what it’s like to be me.  Maybe. I know what it’s like to ask yourself, “What’s the point of going […]

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Loneliness and despair

I confess: sometimes I feel like punching Joel Osteen right in the face. It’s not personal.  I kind of like the dude despite myself, sincere theological differences and personal style aside. But my angst has to do with those theological differences and that incessant smiling. Osteen’s is a Christian theology of prosperity (more or less) […]

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