The disconnect with Christians on sexuality, Part III

There’s a huge problem with the Bible. The problem involves the way most Christians (Protestants in particular) approach it. We like to pretend that the scriptures are our primary source of authority for understanding God.  In actuality, though, this is very seldom practiced. The Bible doesn’t come to any of us as a straight and […]

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How do you know? Part III

For those of you who don’t have a love of “Star Wars,” I appreciate your patience and beg your forgiveness. We know and come to believe many things about life and others out of a core of love: what you love; what you want; what you seek; what you envision the “good life” being – […]

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What the heart desires…

Why am I the way I am? What makes you, well, you? Why do we believe the things we believe? The short answer is, “No one knows, exactly.” The longer answer suggests there are at least some parts we can know. Genetics plays a large and mysterious part: some of us tend towards depression more […]

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