Calloused dragon heart

Ice impulse fire Can you feel any more? Is there bone for skin beneath the breath of this facade? Where is the purchase beyond mirror and smoke? Grace, soiled in fragmentation Sprout through this caked earth And blossom.

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Where is hope?

When your life has come to an end, what do you want your legacy to be? I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately.  My opening course in seminary focuses on understanding what it means to be “called” to vocations or situations in life, and the emphasis is on understanding the deepest desires of our […]

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I’m an idolator at the foot of the Altar to My Idealized Vision of Myself. I’m a Pharisee and this is my Law. Wrapped up in mostly-truths and mostly-pure motivations for sanctification. I surely know my identity, but I’ve confused that with knowing who the man I’m supposed to be is. But I don’t, and […]

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Wrestling with God in the dock

God, I admit I want to put You on trial. I want to hold You accountable for all evil, injustice, and pain. I guess it’s because I’ve bought into the lie that You aren’t actually Good, and if someone doesn’t hold You accountable – even some insignificant creature You made – then who will? I […]

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A word on discrimination

Discrimination is real. It goes beyond race, gender, sexuality, or any one particular thing. To discriminate means to recognize a distinction or difference. It is frequently evil when used to exclude or injure people based on their personal characteristics. It is often good when used to carefully choose which thoughts one wishes to verbally articulate. […]

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I feel like Job

I haven’t lost my family, health, or wealth, Maybe because my family imploded before it started, my health was never fully mine (hi, depression), and I never had any wealth to speak of as far as my culture is concerned. God, it’s REALLY hard to like You right now. It doesn’t look like You like […]

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