The story of who I am

My grandfathers As I’ve sought to understand myself and heal from the particular broken places within me, I’ve learned that the journey to knowing myself doesn’t stop with me. Family accounts for far more than our genetic mixture.  It also of course establishes the way we perceive ourselves and the world via the environment in […]

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Stained mirrors

So hard to be. Not knowing who I am instead of what I feel. Reflections clouded in retrograde while I wax and wane. Why aren’t you enough? Why this tangible need within? I lust for your touch, to know Love beyond love, to be raptured by my Lover until self and Other become One. The […]

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What have we done to love?

We readily believe the above picture concerning “beauty;” why would we think “love” any different? Before discussing how we go about loving others, I want to draw attention to what our culture has turned love into. The meaning our culture gives to love is pretty clear when one spends time listening to music, watching TV […]

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