Do not be afraid

If there’s any single topic I am convinced I can speak with authority on, it’s fear. I’ve battled fear for as long as I can remember.  It colors my childhood memories.  The struggle was given a name as a teenager when it became known as panic attacks. Much of my life has been spent trying […]

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Overcoming my demon: fear

There isn’t much I’ve been unwilling to lay bare about myself in the hopes of helping others who may be experiencing similar situations or issues. One such issue I’ve written a good deal about is my lifelong struggle with panic and depression. It’s not a topic I enjoy writing or talking about because of how […]

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The Power of Darkness

***Note: it’s likely important for me to emphasize the limits of my anger to adult interpersonal relationships and the limits of my actions to verbal comments therein. That is the full extent of my thoughts and actions, and everything written here is only understood within this context, and nothing more*** I’ve been airing some of […]

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