Racism and Christianity

A Southern, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant male in his mid-thirties writes about racism – a lot could go wrong here. Racism was never a topic I was interested in while growing up.  I didn’t hate anyone, so – WASP that I am – why would it have been? But a funny thing happens when one is […]

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How to find peace

  Like any good sermon, this post is written more for myself than anyone else. I’ve been pretty miserable for a good portion of my life.  From panic attacks and depression as a young boy to inheriting the worldview of a family that doesn’t necessarily always look on the bright side, my predisposition has been […]

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There is no “us vs. them”

What if we had no enemies? What if that’s exactly what Christianity teaches but few of us accept? I’ve been holed up at my home for the last two days recovering from being sick, and in between fitful bouts of sleeping and waking my heart and head have been struck by two teachings of Jesus […]

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Stained mirrors

So hard to be. Not knowing who I am instead of what I feel. Reflections clouded in retrograde while I wax and wane. Why aren’t you enough? Why this tangible need within? I lust for your touch, to know Love beyond love, to be raptured by my Lover until self and Other become One. The […]

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The ecstasy of falling in love

I’ve been reminded of what it’s like to fall in love, which is weird since I was a hopeless wannabe romantic for much of my early adulthood. It’s funny how you can forget for a variety of reasons without even realizing it, whether you’re married or single. The delight of flirtation given and returned; the […]

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