Do not be afraid

If there’s any single topic I am convinced I can speak with authority on, it’s fear. I’ve battled fear for as long as I can remember.  It colors my childhood memories.  The struggle was given a name as a teenager when it became known as panic attacks. Much of my life has been spent trying […]

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When Easter feels joyless

The celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday is the high point of the year for Christians. It is the single historical event on which the entirety of Christian hope rests – it gives meaning to the crucifixion that would otherwise be simply a tragic martyrdom, and it demonstrates to the Christian that God has […]

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What the heart desires…

Why am I the way I am? What makes you, well, you? Why do we believe the things we believe? The short answer is, “No one knows, exactly.” The longer answer suggests there are at least some parts we can know. Genetics plays a large and mysterious part: some of us tend towards depression more […]

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