Why hope matters

Depression comes in many varieties. There’s the subtle type that most of us deal with off and on, a slight melancholy that hits us throughout the day for different reasons and passes quickly. There’s the all-consuming experience of panic, which can make you absolutely desperate and tempt you to make drastic choices for any kind […]

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How to find peace

  Like any good sermon, this post is written more for myself than anyone else. I’ve been pretty miserable for a good portion of my life.  From panic attacks and depression as a young boy to inheriting the worldview of a family that doesn’t necessarily always look on the bright side, my predisposition has been […]

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Overcoming my demon: fear

There isn’t much I’ve been unwilling to lay bare about myself in the hopes of helping others who may be experiencing similar situations or issues. One such issue I’ve written a good deal about is my lifelong struggle with panic and depression. It’s not a topic I enjoy writing or talking about because of how […]

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When Christmas isn’t very merry

Emotions are strange. We all experience them at different levels of intensity.  I’m sure that in a way our experience of each is slightly unique from one another, too. Sometimes we have a decent degree of control over how we feel while at other times we’re seemingly helpless. As is the case with many holidays, […]

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I’ve decided to be real with God. I’ve been open and honest about my thoughts and feelings in general, but I haven’t directed them to God. I’ve given them to God; I’ve talked about them to God; but I haven’t talked to God about them. So now I am, in total honesty, like a psalm, […]

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