Leaving Christianity

I’ve had doubts about my faith for as long as I can remember. I didn’t sleep well as a baby and small child, and one of my earliest memories comes from around the age of three or four, when one of my late-night wanderings into my parents’ room was initiated by a terrible thought that […]

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Trust and hope

You’ve heard it before, but there are few guarantees in life. Given that fact, it’s easy to view trust and hope as idiotic things. Why should anyone trust anyone else or hope in things that may very well never come to pass? I once thought I had some good answers to those questions, but time […]

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God is good?

Sometimes I think I’m insane for being a Christian. Time and again I fall for the devil’s oldest temptation: God is holding out on you. I believe it; I grab control of my life back from God; I do something that I think will make me happy; then I watch as my life implodes in […]

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How do you know? Part I

What does it mean to “know” something?  Unfortunately, that’s a really complicated question with a lot of possible answers. Popular sentiment is that scientific knowledge is the highest form there is.  If you can test it and “prove” it, you know it more certainly than anything else. Which begs several questions: is scientific knowledge really […]

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