Why you should love the church

I’ve been pretty critical of the American Church in several posts, and it strikes me that those who don’t know me extremely well may get the wrong impression regarding my esteem for the Church. It’s true that I’m concerned that American evangelicalism has essentially lost its soul chasing political power and has been consumed by […]

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Jesus of Nazareth as a guy

I had a crisis of faith in my mid-20s. My background was Christian, and my trouble centered on whether there was any point in me continuing with the faith. I wanted a deeper connection to God than what is stereotypically understood to be on offer in most American churches. It seems to me Jesus is […]

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The future of the Church

It’s no secret that the Church is a mess. It has been from the beginning.  The New Testament is largely composed of letters Paul wrote to churches addressing several problems they were experiencing. Anyone who has been a member of an organization knows they are difficult to maintain: people disagree with each other often. There’s […]

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