Mainstream media: you’re probably wrong – it’s vitally important

While America is obviously severely polarized down politically partisan lines, most of us have a favorite punching bag we tend to unite around: the mainstream media. It’s fairly common to see hawks of both left, right and middle agree about that devil that is supposedly wracked with bias and serves only to divide us; misinform […]

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Abortion has compromised Christians

“I’d consider voting for [insert political candidate], but, well, abortion…” “I never would’ve voted for [insert political candidate], but, there’s abortion…” If you’re a Christian, odds are really good that you’re familiar with statements similar to these, and it’s quite likely you’ve made them yourself.  I know I have. There is no single issue that […]

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Status update on my book

A handful of my followers will know that I’ve been slowly putting a book together and likewise will be interested to know that I have finished my first draft and several rounds of complete edits. Some close friends will soon be taking a look at it to provide the perspective of some fresh eyes and, […]

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Why hope matters

Depression comes in many varieties. There’s the subtle type that most of us deal with off and on, a slight melancholy that hits us throughout the day for different reasons and passes quickly. There’s the all-consuming experience of panic, which can make you absolutely desperate and tempt you to make drastic choices for any kind […]

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