The ecstasy of falling in love

I’ve been reminded of what it’s like to fall in love, which is weird since I was a hopeless wannabe romantic for much of my early adulthood. It’s funny how you can forget for a variety of reasons without even realizing it, whether you’re married or single. The delight of flirtation given and returned; the […]

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Our love story

You and I live according to a story. Actually, we live according to several kinds of small stories, but there is some form of an overarching story we believe in that gives meaning to our lives. That’s one of the valuable critiques postmodernism has contributed to philosophy in general.  Events don’t happen to us in a […]

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Forming our loves

This is obvious on one hand, but on the other we typically don’t appreciate its truth: we come to love the things we do through a process. I wasn’t born with an innate love of “Star Wars” – I came to love it for a variety of reasons unique to my story as a person. […]

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How do you love?

Love is not permissiveness: love is commitment and sacrifice.  But how do you go about doing love? I’m asking this in a corporate sense, not a one-on-one relationship sense.  How do you love your neighbor in your interactions with society as a whole? I don’t really know.  Love may not be permissive, but it also […]

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What have we done to love?

We readily believe the above picture concerning “beauty;” why would we think “love” any different? Before discussing how we go about loving others, I want to draw attention to what our culture has turned love into. The meaning our culture gives to love is pretty clear when one spends time listening to music, watching TV […]

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